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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to questions I frequently get. Please reach out for any further questions you may have, with no obligation to book. 

Q: What kind of services do you offer? 

A: You can book me for one-on-one nutrition consultation or view pricing info by clicking here. 

I also am available to book for public speaking engagements on nutrition, teaching, or in-office employee health support, which can be inquired about directly by contacting me. 

Q: How does it work if I want to book a one-on-one consultation; what is your schedule and where do I meet you?

A: I am currently meeting clients via Zoom videochat calls on your computer, in person in South Surrey, or via phone call. 

My in person meetings are presently at my home office or at quiet coffee shops, your choice. 

Q: Can I bill your services through my insurance?

A: Yes, if your insurance covers it - please ask your plan if it covers a "Registered Holistic Nutritionist." Direct billing isn't available in BC for my services, however, my clients pay my fee, and I send them a special receipt for their insurance company, and they get reimbursed. 

Q: Is there a specific type of diet you recommend to everyone? Will we be a good fit if I'm on all all-meat diet, or if I'm vegan, or another specific diet? Is there any type of person or way or eating you don't like to work with?

A: Everyone is welcome. I believe every person's needs can vary, and it's one of my greatest strengths that I am very accepting. I work with your needs; I do not have an agenda.

Those in recovery from alcohol addiction, drug-use, or eating disorders are also welcome to book. My energy is supportive and zero-judgment.

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